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Today's Bulletin - Thursday, February 22, 2024



MVD Doda conducts Road Safety Awareness Campaign

MVD Doda conducts Road Safety Awareness Campaign

DODA, FEBRUARY 12 (RNA) : The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) organized a road safety awareness campaign across different locations in the district as part of the ongoing celebration of National Road Safety Month. The celebrations took place in Doda, Gandoh, and Gawari, aiming to educate the public about safe driving practices and the importance of road safety. In Doda, the event was held near the district police line at Bhagwah Bus stand, with the presence of ARTO Doda. The focus was on highlighting various insurance schemes, with the Zonal Manager of J&K Bank, Doda, providing information about insurance policies for the driver community. On-the-spot forms were filled out and referred to respective bank branches. Additionally, emphasis was placed on responsible driving behavior, particularly regarding over speeding, avoiding mobile phone use while driving, and preventing overloading, as these are significant contributors to accidents in the Chenab Valley. In the far-flung areas of Gandoh and Gawari, Inspector Robin Parihar and MVD officials led the road safety awareness events. The gatherings attracted a large number of local inhabitants and drivers. Extensive awareness sessions were conducted, focusing on specific precautions required for driving in hilly areas. The emphasis was on understanding the unique challenges of mountainous terrain and adopting appropriate safety measures to prevent accidents. National Road Safety Month serves as a crucial period for raising awareness about road safety across the country. It provides an opportunity to educate individuals about safe driving habits, traffic rules, and the importance of following regulations to prevent accidents and save lives. Driving in hilly areas presents its own set of challenges, including steep slopes, sharp curves, and unpredictable weather conditions. Drivers must exercise caution, maintain control over their vehicles, and avoid distractions while navigating mountainous roads. Adequate vehicle maintenance, adherence to speed limits, and using appropriate gear are essential for safe travel in such terrains. Additionally, staying alert to signs of landslides, road closures, and other hazards is vital to ensuring a smooth and secure journey.

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