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Today's Bulletin - Thursday, February 22, 2024



J&KSSB imparts training to Superintendents, Invigilators at Rajouri

J&KSSB imparts training to Superintendents, Invigilators at Rajouri

RAJOURI, DECEMBER 04 (RNA): The J&K Service Selection Board (JKSSB), in collaboration with the District Administration Rajouri, imparted comprehensive training to supervisory staff ahead of Written Test for selection of Panchayat Secretary here today. The focus of the training was to sensitize center superintendents, Dy Superintendents, observers, and invigilators to ensure fair and transparent conduct of examination. The training session emphasized the paramount importance of adhering to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and examination conduct regulations. The deployed staff was urged to approach their roles with meticulous attention to the details. Critical events involved in the examination process were discussed extensively, providing a thorough understanding of the necessary steps through a detailed PowerPoint presentation. Simran Deep Singh, a Member of JKSSB, highlighted the significance of this interaction, aiming to familiarize center superintendents, dy superintendents, observers and invigilators with standard procedures and protocols. He stressed the need for complete transparency and fairness in the examination process. Participants were encouraged to approach their assignments earnestly, demonstrating utmost seriousness, and contributing to the efforts of the Government to ensure the selection of deserving candidates. ADC Rajouri, Rajiv Kumar Khajuria, underscored the importance of the deployed staff strictly adhering to all instructions provided by JKSSB. He emphasized the need to read between the lines of the examination manual, ensuring a smooth and fair conduct of the examination. This approach is vital for upholding the integrity of the entire selection process. In a subsequent question-and-answer session, participants had the opportunity to seek clarification, and doubts were addressed by the Member of JKSSB, Simran Deep Singh. This interactive element not only reinforced the information provided but also ensured that participants felt confident and well-prepared for their roles in maintaining the integrity of the examination. Overall, this training initiative reflects commitment of the JKSSB to upholding the highest standards of examination conduct, instilling confidence in the deployed staff, and ultimately contributing to the selection of deserving candidates through a transparent and fair process.

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